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✖ Daily Visual Kei Inspiration ✖

☠ Daily Visual Kei Inspiration ☠
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Post pictures of everyday outfits with a VK focus, post your latest VK buys, give concrit to others!

Welcome to Everyday Visual Kei!

The point of this community is to show how we can incorporate the visual kei style into our daily lives.

You may post pictures of your vk-inspired coordinates, ask for help and advice regarding your coordinates, post your latest vk buys, and more!
Here is a handy flowchart to show what you can and cannot post.

Please remember: once your pictures are out on the internet, I cannot be held responsible for what happens to them. I want to protect every member's best interest, but there is a limit as to how far I will go to do so.

As a member, I ask that you please follow the following rules:
[o1] This is a hate-free community. Constructive criticism is a good thing, but outright bashing will not be tolerated.

[o2] Going along with the above, we gladly will accept and help newbies to the fashion, which means: please do not post images found on here to visual_fucks. I realize it will probably happen anyway, but like I said, I want to protect as much as possible.

[o3] This community is strictly for visual styles akin to the styles that Japanese rock stars wear, or styles similar to those of well-known Japanese brands. Lolita coordinates are better suited for daily_lolita. There are also a variety of communities out there for decora and gyaru. This is not the place for them.

[o4] The main purpose for this community is help and advice. Please give constructive criticism to those who need it, but be sure to add some compliments in there as well. :]

[o5] Please place images larger than 400px by 400px underneath a cut, or if you have multiple pictures, please place those under a cut as well.

[o6] Be respectful and always save pictures to your own server. Stealing bandwidth is never a good thing.

[o7] Do not link to your pictures, please use coding so we can see them without clicking.

[o8] Selling posts are no longer permitted! Please visit vk_sales instead.

[o9] Please tag your posts appropriately. This includes tagging outfit/hair/makeup posts with your username, meme posts with the date, and intro posts with the !introduction tag.

Consequences for breaking rules may vary, depending on several different factors. Warnings may be issued, and in extreme cases, bannings will ensue.

-your admin phenphenny

Please introduce yourself in this format when you join!
Although it is not required, it is highly suggested.

Pictures liven posts up - even if you don't want to post pictures of yourself, posting pictures of your inspiration is A++

Please also tag your intro post with your username and the !introduction tag.

What should we call you:

How old are you:

General residence:

Who/what are your fashion inspirations? [pictures are wonderful!]

Where is your favourite place(s) to buy clothing from?

Post some pictures of your style [optional]:

I'm looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! :]

Every month, a new meme will be introduced. All members are encouraged, but not required to take part in these. :]

The memes are just a fun way to encourage activity in the community.

May-June 2011 meme

Create an outfit based off of your favorite jrocker!

Learn more about it in the introductory post here.